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Ham - Culatello cotto di Parma

Culatello cotto di Parma


Ferrarini cooked ham is praised as the most famous and best sold Italian cooked ham in the world. Its secret recipe dates back to 1956.

Culatello Cotto di Parma is one of the most premium hams of the Ferrarini selection. The main factor that makes this product special is the usage of the best part of the leg, “Culatello” tha gives to the Culatello Cotto Ferrarini a delicate and exquisite taste.

Another key factor for the success of this item is the secret receipt used by Ferrarini since more than 60 years: a pickle with 21 aromatic herbs and a very slow steaming that reaches product heart. Very high quality and a exclusive taste that let us be undisputed leaders in Italy since more than 30 years.



2)以Ferrarini 60年獨門秘方,選用21種香料調味,加以慢煮方式處理。


Ferrarini specialization in cooked ham production is confirmed by the wide products range. However, our ingredients are the same since 1956: genuineness, naturalness, security.

Culatello cotto di Parma, after the injection of the special Ferrarini mix of 21 herbs, is puts in a net and cooked at low temperate as to preserve its taste and nutritional features. The cooking process is made in the same oven in 2 phases: in the 1st phase saturated steam, 2nd phase dry air. The 2nd phase roast the external part of the Culatello Cotto di Parma.


How it taste.
You can appreciate the sweetness and exquisite aroma of the Culatello Cotto di Parma. Compared to the other cooked hams you can recognize a unique softness that is possible just thanks to the selection of the “Culatello”, the best part of the pig’s leg.


As an antipasto, Culatello Cotto di Parma is usually sliced paper thin and served at room temperature or slightly chilled. It is most commonly eaten on its own, but it might be served with cheese (i.e. mild provolone or strong parmigiano reggiano or creamy brie…depending on your taste) or with piadina, pizza, pasta and salads.





Wine Pairing

Culatello Cotto di Parma goes wonderfully with white wines such as Chardonnay, Malvasia, Muller- Thurgau.

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